July 2021 News

Hello to everyone, camera enthusiasts or otherwise. If we were dining out, we would be between courses, having a little respite. Our ’20-’21 programme has now come to an end and we now await the new season which will start on September 1st.

On reflection, the past year has been as good as was possible given the situation ( I refuse to use the word covid, it has become too much a part of everyone’s vocabulary ,  All meetings were by ZOOM and therefore we could access presenters from nationwide locations. Our thanks go to our Programme Sec. John Moxham for making some excellent choices.

By the time this article is in print, we will have four of our summer outings remaining, which are:

Fri.     July 16th.     Brockholes.              8am onwards.

Wed.  Aug. 11th.   Heysham.               6pm.

Sat.    Sept. 18th.   Silverdale/Arnside  8am. Onwards.

Tues. Oct 12th.  Rufford Old hall/Martin Mere.  10am onwards.

We were very lucky for our first visit to Glasson, clear blue skies and warm too ! Not so with our second to Calder Vale, a damp afternoon, although I must add that my late appearance was accompanied with sunshine and a colourful sky.

If the Garstang Show does take place this year on August 7th. the Club will have a stall in the Horticultural Marquee with the aim of attracting some new members.

I must end this article on a sad note.  I have to inform readers and club members past and present of the passing of one of our popular members, Bill Hansell.

Bill had been a member for a number of years and was an excellent and successful photographer, his name engraved on many of our trophies. He was always willing to give of his time and experience to those lesser mortals in the club.    He would always be amongst the friendly jousting bouts between members and their specific marques of equipment, Nikon v Canon v Sony etc. but as most will agree, it’s not the camera but the person behind it !

His most recent award was that of holding  PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR  2020-2021. Skills indeed.    I have attached one of Bill’s images, a favourite of mine. He leaves behind his wife Pat and his Family and we offer them our most sincere condolences at this sad time. R.I.P. Bill.

June 2021 News

Hello readers. As you read this, the club’s ’20-’21 programme will have come to an end but we still continue with our social outings  with, of course, social distancing a priority. We have had two outings in recent months, the first to Glasson Dock and it’s environs and the last one visiting Caldervale at bluebell time. For the next one on June 16th. we take in Rivington Pike and the surrounding gardens. Apart from the social nature of the outings, we have an Events Cup for presentation in 2022. All enries for this award have to have been shot on all or any of these visits and so the range of subjects is vast.

I will give details of outings yet to come in the next issue, although as with anything else in this short report, full details can be found on our website (given at the end) which is very easy to navigate.

Our last presentation on May 5th. was an interesting evening given by Kylie-Ann Martin on “My Journey So Far “. A young lady who had made great strides in acquiring good qualifications within the space of six years.

We still have our fingers crossed for the possible opening of the Arts Centre in September so that we may once more, meet socially, and with that in mind attract new members.


Who would have thought that at Christmastime in 2019 we would have been subjected to all that has happened in the past 15 months ? We are still not through this and should remain vigilant for the sake of everyone. Anyway, good shooting !

Maurice  Barker.

http://www.garstangcamera club.co.uk

May 2021 News

Greetings to all readers. By the time this is being read( hopefully ), we will be in the Merry Month of May and if all of Boris’ plans go to order , alcoholic drinks may be served outdoors and, if the weather permits, then it may well be a Merry Month !

We are approaching the end of the Club’s year with just a few meetings remaining as listed here.

May 5th………..Kylie-Ann Martin……….My journey so far.

May 12th………A G M. and our Presentation Evening.

May 19th………Chris Upton……….Travels with my X ( Fuji Cameras )

As I mentioned in my last copy, we hope that “proper” meetings may be held again in the Arts Centre in September and with a degree of optimism and a following wind, we may achieve our goal. However, we will still be using ZOOM for many of the presentations but at least we will be able to converse with each other (social distancing, of course ) much more satisfactorily.  As I write this , A spell of stable weather is predicted (kiss of death ?) and so photographic opportunities should present themselves more readily.  Our Summer outings will have started, I listed them in the April mag. but if discarded , can be found on our website given at the end.

We have said goodbye to  an enthusiastic photographer, a keen amateur for many years, HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. We send our sincere condolences to all the Royal Family at this sad time.

Good shooting, but still stay safe through the new stages.

Maurice Barker


April 2021 News

Hello to everyone, here we are in yet another April still under lock and key, or, as Sinatra sang “The second Time Around “.  We should be much more savvy than last year having experienced many of the restrictions, although there are still many amongst us who in the words of Kenneth Wolstenholme “they think it’s all over”.  There may be a possibility of our home venue re-opening in September, but all information given here is not incised onto stone tablets and for that, I must apologise! All we can be is optimistic and hope that things go well.

Any specific details regarding dates and venues can be checked nearer to the date by using the website and the contacts given within.

We had our final competition, ANYTHING GOES, in early March with an excellent range of images as per. the title.  Our Chairmen have done a stalwart job in keeping members busy throughout this past year with our own MCC, no not at Lords, but the Monthly Club Comp. and by the time this goes to press, the final one will have been completed. I have found these very inspirational and a “look forward” to the voting and compilation of the results each month. Thanks gents!

Our next Annual Competition will be the EVENTS CUP. This will be judged on Nov. 11th and to enter, members must have attended any or all of our summer visits from April 24th – Oct 12th. Only images taken on these events on the dates specified may be entered for the Cup. I now give details of these “outings” which are as much as a social event, something much needed as long as we take care, as well as an opportunity to put our photographic skills back into use, I’m sure that some of mine have suffered from an amount of rust! There are seven such outings as follows: –

April 24th.     Saturday    3pm   Glasson Dock / Condor Green.

May.  6th.      Thursday     2pm.  Calder Vale.

June 16th      Wednesday 2pm   Rivington Pike / Gardens.

July   16th.     Friday         8am   Brockholes.

August 11th.   Wednesday 6pm.  Heysham.

September. 18th.  Saturday 8am.  Silverdale/ Arnside.    The two early starters may be joined at any time, no need for a full day!

At this stage I would like to wish everyone in the coming weeks and months, a safe and a successful release from jail!



March 2021 News

Hello to all camera enthusiasts and others wishing to improve their skills. Since I last wrote we have had two excellent presentations. One by Dave Bibby who talked on A-Z Back to basics. It’s quite easy to forget early lessons in photography as we advance ( or maybe that’s just me ). He is quite an established photographer but has started to shoot many of his images on his smart ‘phone so anyone out there without an array of kit, this is a good opening.   Roger Geldard gave us a trip around Japan’s Winter Wildlife, funny, but I never thought of Japan having deer , monkeys and eagles in such climatic conditions, still it is quite close to Vladivostok. He introduced most members to some excellent Sony cameras too.

Our programme fo March is as follows :

March  3rd………..Judging of our internal competition  “Anything Goes” , who knows what to expect ?

..     ..  10th……….Mike Martin on   It’s not what you see , it’s what you make .

..     ..  17th……….Lee Sutton on     My Photographic Journey..

Lockdown has prevented us from getting out and about with our gear but as I write this, there are “rumours” that this may end sooner than I expected  according to the press ( I don’t know why they are not in the House of Commons !). Anyway , what will be will be. It may be that we can meet in the Arts Centre for next years session, who knows ?

Keep on keeping safe, no matter what the outcome is. 

                                                           Maurice  Barker.


May 2020 News

As this is being prepared for submission, we are in the 8th week of the lockout. Many rolls of films could have been unwound since March 23rd. The club in it’s normal format has been temporarily closed down but continues to function on line.

Our Chairman for the past few years, Peter Knight, has resigned, having served his spell in the trenches and done a splendid job. Anyone connected with the club will be well aware of the tremendous efforts Peter has put into the club and these have been acknowledged and appreciated by everyone. One might say he has worked the 25 hour day, and often. Thank you Peter, let us hope that you will now be able to concentrate on your photography in a more relaxed manner. I should like to add at this point that Peter’s resignation is not in any way connected to  Covid19, it had been arranged for the last twelve months.

The role of Chair is now shared between two members, Lewis Thompson and Mike Jenner. They took hold of the reins about the time of lockdown and although the usual meetings have temporarily ended the club is in safe hands at this difficult time.  They have put on line a series of on line competitions in which members submit 3 images on a theme , these are then mailed out to all members who vote for their top 5. What a splendid idea.

The themes to date have been   1  Food and drink,  2 Flowers, trees and shrubs  and  3  Time on my hands. The criteria is that the images are taken within a time frame, no stored images, and they have to be shot within the boundary of the photographer’s property.  At tis point ,I should like to thank them for their endeavours.

This time should be an absolute haven for camera people with superb weather ( imagine  this beginning last November ) , empty cities and towns and landscapes devoid of that person who is always in the way of that perfect shot !

However, ……..we must be patient and await to see what the “new normal” brings.    Happy shooting,

                                                                                                                                                                             MAURICE  BARKER.

March 2020 – Remaining 2019/20 season CANCELLED

The joint acting chair have agreed to cancel the rest of our photographic season and our regular summer outings for the Event Cup.

This difficult and sad decision has been taken against the backdrop of the latest government advice around limiting socialising with others as well as protecting the health and wellbeing of members, some of which are classed as vulnerable to the situation.

It is also highly likely that the Arts Centre will be closed for the foreseeable future.

This will have a significant impact on our club and a number of key events in the calendar will need to be looked at. The following outline decisions have been made:

  1. As mentioned above the 3 outings during the summer, which forms the backbone of the Events Cup, have been cancelled; so, no outings in June, July and August will take place. If, however, the ‘virus’ situation somehow clears in time we may be able to salvage something to run a competition.
  2. Camera Club Exhibition: The print exhibition at the Arts Centre, due to run from April 9th until 4th May, has been cancelled. For all the effort to prepare for this we envisage little or no footfall and also the coffee morning on 11th April has been cancelled.
  3. AGM: Clearly our AGM cannot go ahead as planned on 13th May. It is envisaged to hold this meeting either just before the start of the season or during the first week.
  4. The presentation evening, due on 20th May, will be postponed and will take place at the start of the season, possibly before or during the first regular club night.
  5. The normal 5 club competitions will take place during the next season as already planned – a provisional schedule for next season will be emailed as soon as possible. This will assume that the current situation has subsided enough to carry on as before.

These are very much unprecedented times for the club and, at the moment, there is little guidance, other than around the health situation from the government on what we need to do as a club. Should the situation improve ahead of the restart in September we will potentially arrange some events, such as outings and/or competitions.

We are also looking at the potential of some kind of ‘online’ events in the interim period. We will post all updates on our newsletters and website, so please keep an eye out for them.

In the meantime, if you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions please communicate – this is your club and we need to be proactive and Lewis and I can’t think of all the solutions!

We hope that you and your families remain safe during these very difficult times and please do not hesitate to contact us during this enforced break.

Keep safe and well,

Mike and Lewis