Garstang Camera Club

The club runs various internal competitions throughout the year and information about all the 2022/23 competitions is as follows:

CompetitionImagesLast dates for entryDate of competition
Events CupTaken on club ‘outings’; eligible destinations are: Skippool Creek, Brock Bottoms, Lunt Meadows, Holker Hall. Three Sisters race circuit, Kendal and Blackpool Zoo28th September 202219th October 2022
Fylde 5-Way Battle (hosted by Poulton-Le-Fylde Photographic society)15 DPI’s on any subjectDeadline for selection Approx. 28th September 2022

Deadline for entries to be announced
To be announced   November 2022
    Environment Cup      Landscapes, architecture, dereliction, sculptures, street art, environmental issues and transport. People and animals must show scale or add to; not focal point.    9th November 2022  7th December 2022
Creatures and Plants of the World CupAny real creature or plant that was alive or was once alive. No toys, sculptures, nothing artificial and no people.14th December 202218th January 2023
Humanity CupPeople in all environments, activities and emotions. People or people-related connections must be the focal point. More than one person may be included.15th February 20238th March 2023
Anything GoesAny image on any theme.15th March 2023  19th April 2023  

Please note:

  • Plant life has been removed from the ‘Environment Cup’
  • Plant life is now included in the ‘Creatures and Plants of the World Cup’