• January 2021 News

    Our programme for January is as follows:

    Jan. 6th.      Members of the club will be demonstrating  the processing of a digital image “ This will involve the use of software such as Lightroom and Photoshop.  Sounds interesting !

    Jan. 13th.    Tonight sees the judging of one of our annual competitions  “ Creatures of the World “

    Jan. 29th.    Tonight, we welcome back one of our regular presenters Dave Bibby. Dave always produces an interesting evening and tonight , his subject is  A-Z  Back to Basics.

    Our committee plans with a degree of optimism and if “things” should go well, we hope to meet as normal from September but…………no promises at this stage ! Keep everything crossed. It is worth mentioning at this point that our ZOOM meetings have attracted a good audience numbers wise and so ,it could be said that something good(ish) has come out of the covid bug (ever the optimist )

                                                                                MAURICE  BARKER

  • August News

    Hello to everyone. Here we are nearly at the start of a new season for the club and we are still basically in a “lockdown situation” What this means to us is that we cannot meet at our usual venue, the Arts Centre, nor in any other due to restrictions re. using our normal equipment, necessary to show images and display prints.

    I will attempt to precis the new arrangements necessary if we are to continue as a club.

    The committee has decided to hold three “meetings” per. month, ie. the first three Wednesdays in each month. These will be presented using ZOOM. No…! don’t be put off by modern electronic wizardry, all committee meetings to date have used this system successfully.

    The first Zoom meeting on September 2cnd. Will be a trial and success one, and there will be no pressure on anyone at all. As well as viewing the last club competition’s entries ( in which we were the victors ) we will be taking Questions from the virtual floor from both members and newcomers regarding the present situation and any club matters. Competition rules have had to be altered since we will be unable to display colour and mono prints. Rather than go into too much detail here which might off put newcomers ( we are a very friendly group), I would suggest going onto our website ( given at the end of this newsletter).

    For anyone who has not used Zoom before and feel unsure about it, we are happy tohold a short practice session for one or two people at a time, again , no pressure before our new season begins. If you would like to take us up on the offer, drop us an e mail with your name and tel. no. and you will be contacted. All you need is a computer( with a camera and mic.), tablet or smart ‘phone. No need to download any apps,……….so go on, have a go !

    Finally…….some good news, the Club Subscription for this year has been reduced to £30.  If any newcomers , and members wish to sign up, then a cheque should be sent to our treasurer from September 1st, His address is

    Mr. R Shorrock.

    17  Canterbury Way



    PR3 1XE.                 Cheques made out to  Garstang Camera Club. 

    As I submit this copy, we have just held the second of our three Summer Outings , the first one in Garstang, today’s in Fleetwood and the third one yet to be decided upon. As this is a monthly magazine , I do urge you to keep an eye on our website.

    To all ,  non-camera people and all photographers,  do  KEEP SAFE.

                                                                   MAURICE BARKER.


  • July News

    Since lockdown at the end of March, the club has managed to tick over involving it’s membership.

    The joint Chair, Lewis Thompson and Mike Jenner organized a series of six internal competitions, the first four of which the images entered had to be taken within the confines of the photographer’s property. The last two, with restrictions to travel being relaxed slightly, were a little more open.

    The response to the competitions has been good and members of the club could vote for the best ( in their opinion ) top five places.

    However……! with a chink of light at the far end of the tunnel, and it is a long one , the committee has organized a half day (3 hour ) session/visit which takes place on July 22nd. With the location being Garstang.  This will be the first of three such visits over the summer period, the final two have yet to be decided upon. Images taken on these three visits will form the basis of the EVENTS CUP 2020.  Any member wishing to take part in this, should inform the club’s chair on


    We will meet on Booth’s car park at 2.00pm and the time allowed for the event is 2.00-5.00pm. The “theme” is anything  photographable in Garstang.

    As with many other voluntary organisations  we aim to follow the relevant Health and Safety Recommendations and these can be found on our website given below.

    We do seem to be arriving, not at Platform 1, but at a version of the  “new normal” whatever that may be and so we wish you all good shooting and that you all keep safe as the chains are slackened.

                                                                                       MAURICE  BARKER.