June 2020 News

Although we have had no meetings whatsoever since March, the Club, in it’s  present metamorphic state, continues to keep it’s members busy albeit in an online capacity.  Our joint Chairmen have worked very hard in producing 6 competitions over the past few months and at this point in time we are just beginning no. 5  Reflections. The criteria for this theme has altered slightly in that these images can be taken within a 5 mile radius of home as well as within the boundaries due to the relaxing of lockdown procedures.

The previous 4 were  Food and Drink……..Flowers, shrubs and trees……..Time on my hands and Inside looking out.     Members can submit 3 images, taken within the specified time, usually two weeks. These are put online when members can vote for the top 5.

At the end of all 6 themes, the 1st. and 2cnd. of each  will be voted for, ie  12 finalists to again be voted for, 1st. , 2cnd. and 3rd.  placings. I hope you can make sense of that. 

The Club Committee have met once in the past couple of weeks using Zoom and found it quite successful after a modicum of minor problems. Discussions related to the Clubs restart or otherwise in September, but as everything at the moment is in the air including the Arts Centre availability we are not in any position to make decisions.  Anyone interested in joining the Club  and indeed current members should keep an eye on the Club’s website, given below, where the full “works” of the Club are to be seen along with news.

Keep the shutters clicking and most of all keep safe !

                                                                                                  MAURICE  BARKER.