January 2021 News

Our programme for January is as follows:

Jan. 6th.      Members of the club will be demonstrating  the processing of a digital image “ This will involve the use of software such as Lightroom and Photoshop.  Sounds interesting !

Jan. 13th.    Tonight sees the judging of one of our annual competitions  “ Creatures of the World “

Jan. 29th.    Tonight, we welcome back one of our regular presenters Dave Bibby. Dave always produces an interesting evening and tonight , his subject is  A-Z  Back to Basics.

Our committee plans with a degree of optimism and if “things” should go well, we hope to meet as normal from September but…………no promises at this stage ! Keep everything crossed. It is worth mentioning at this point that our ZOOM meetings have attracted a good audience numbers wise and so ,it could be said that something good(ish) has come out of the covid bug (ever the optimist )

                                                                            MAURICE  BARKER