June 2021 News

Hello readers. As you read this, the club’s ’20-’21 programme will have come to an end but we still continue with our social outings  with, of course, social distancing a priority. We have had two outings in recent months, the first to Glasson Dock and it’s environs and the last one visiting Caldervale at bluebell time. For the next one on June 16th. we take in Rivington Pike and the surrounding gardens. Apart from the social nature of the outings, we have an Events Cup for presentation in 2022. All enries for this award have to have been shot on all or any of these visits and so the range of subjects is vast.

I will give details of outings yet to come in the next issue, although as with anything else in this short report, full details can be found on our website (given at the end) which is very easy to navigate.

Our last presentation on May 5th. was an interesting evening given by Kylie-Ann Martin on “My Journey So Far “. A young lady who had made great strides in acquiring good qualifications within the space of six years.

We still have our fingers crossed for the possible opening of the Arts Centre in September so that we may once more, meet socially, and with that in mind attract new members.


Who would have thought that at Christmastime in 2019 we would have been subjected to all that has happened in the past 15 months ? We are still not through this and should remain vigilant for the sake of everyone. Anyway, good shooting !

Maurice  Barker.

http://www.garstangcamera club.co.uk

May 2021 News

Greetings to all readers. By the time this is being read( hopefully ), we will be in the Merry Month of May and if all of Boris’ plans go to order , alcoholic drinks may be served outdoors and, if the weather permits, then it may well be a Merry Month !

We are approaching the end of the Club’s year with just a few meetings remaining as listed here.

May 5th………..Kylie-Ann Martin……….My journey so far.

May 12th………A G M. and our Presentation Evening.

May 19th………Chris Upton……….Travels with my X ( Fuji Cameras )

As I mentioned in my last copy, we hope that “proper” meetings may be held again in the Arts Centre in September and with a degree of optimism and a following wind, we may achieve our goal. However, we will still be using ZOOM for many of the presentations but at least we will be able to converse with each other (social distancing, of course ) much more satisfactorily.  As I write this , A spell of stable weather is predicted (kiss of death ?) and so photographic opportunities should present themselves more readily.  Our Summer outings will have started, I listed them in the April mag. but if discarded , can be found on our website given at the end.

We have said goodbye to  an enthusiastic photographer, a keen amateur for many years, HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. We send our sincere condolences to all the Royal Family at this sad time.

Good shooting, but still stay safe through the new stages.

Maurice Barker