May 2022 News

Hello to everyone. By the time you read this , our ’21-’22 season will have come to an end and on reflection , it has been quite successful. Although we lost a few members, their spaces have been filled with new members and to those , we bid a warm welcome and hope that they have enjoyed their time with us. We have had two well attended coffee mornings along with the first of our two exhibitions, the next one will be in September. We will also have had our Annual Presentation Evening when the awards , which are still under wraps as I write this, will have been given out.

I will give a reminder of two of our Summer Outings yet to come. The first one is on Tuesday June 14th. and is to Lunt Meadows. July’s outing is on Sunday 17th. when we visit Holker Hall so mark these down in your diary.

My apologies for such a brief report but we are now into the closed season but I will continue to write each month with information regarding progress on the Summer Outings.

Maurice  Barker.

April 2022 News

I have to announce the sad news that one of our long standing members, Ken Harrison has passed away. Ken was a life member of our club with a long service record of working on the committee, acting as treasurer and club chairman. Ken was a keen wildlife photographer who travelled extensively to follow his area of interest. He was a regular volunteer at Leighton Moss Reserve and always willing to advise others, and pass on his wide knowledge base. He will be sadly missed. RIP Ken.

We are now at the end of our ’21-’22 session. Our last club meeting will be on May 4th when  George Franks will present Flash Photography. The following week ,we hold our AGM hoping that as many as possible of the membership will attend.  The week following this is our Annual Presentation Evening in which our Guest of Honour, the Mayor of Garstang, Cllr. Alec Allan will present the awards. The deadline for applications for this event is/was May 1st. and so …….!  It should be a splendid evening and I hope it will be well supported.

I can now list the destinations and dates of our Events Cup Details for “22-’23. These are outings from which images taken on the days (midnight to midnight ) can be entered into our competitions next year. It is not necessary to attend every outing.

The list is as follows :  Sat.  April 23rd.   SKIPPOOL CREEK

                                   Thurs. May 19th   BROCK BOTTOMS

                                   Tue.   June 14th   LUNT MEADOWS

                                   Sun.   July  17th   HOLKER HALL

                                   Sat. or Sun. Aug 13th /14th  THREE SISTERS RACE CIRCUIT

                                   Sat. Sept 10th     KENDAL

                                   Sun  Sept 25th    BLACKPOOL ZOO

A good and varied selection of venues; let’s hope the weather is kind to us.  These reports will continue throughout the “closed season” although there will not be as much to report.

We wish you all a good summer and hope that the bug— covid reads this .

Maurice Barker

March 2022 News

Hello to all our readers. We have now only two months remaining of our 2021/2022 programme, where has the time gone ?  Our last competition of the session, Anything Goes, was judged on March 2nd, and so we now have a list of all winners for the year, these can be found on our website, along with the their images.

Since my last report, we were subjected to some horrendous weather with winds and incessant rain, certainly not the best conditions to be out with your brownie !

Our first meeting in April is on the 6th when we will have a presentation (s) by Stan Pearson/Mike Jenner/Lewis Thompson (who are club members) either one or all. We will surprise you !

This is followed on April 13th. with a presentation by Peter Smith on  Wildlife- Sea shore to Mountain top. Our last one of the month is Talk to me  by Steve Proctor on April 20th.  Advance notice of May 7th. when we explore Flash Photography with George Franks.

Our first Exhibition of 2022 opens on April 9th.  in the Arts Centre and runs through May 7th. It consists of member’s prints which did not gain a 1st/2nd/3rd. in this year’s competitions. When you view these you will be left champing at the bit, so to speak, to see this year’s winners at our next Exhibition in September ! Do take the opportunity of visiting the Arts Centre whilst it’s on and avail yourselves of a coffee and light refreshments.

As I write this, the venues for our next Events 2022 season are being chosen and I might add, a varied selection which should suit everyone. I will publish the complete list of venues and dates in the next issue.

Also, the harbingers of Spring are becoming more and more evident, with the local A6 giving us it’s usual lovely show of daffodils.  I hope this augurs well for a good summer.

Maurice Barker

February 2022 News

After a somewhat dry start to the year, the weather is now balancing it’s books. Many rainy days of recent have not been conducive to getting out with our cameras, however…….the old adage of “no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing “ holds good.

We began the month with Jim Cunningham judging our entries in the Humanity Cup.  These judges put an inordinate amount of time in preparing for these nights and do it with our grateful thanks in spite of our differences of opinion with our personal entries ! As you read this and wonder just what the judge has picked out of many, many entries, go onto the Club’s comprehensive website, click onto the Competitions link, you may be surprised ! All results from this year ,to date are there, thanks to our dedicated team who deal with such things.

Our first meeting on March 2nd is the judging of our final Competition of this year’s programme the title of which is  ANYTHING GOES ( as previously mentioned in February’s Mag ) . March 9th is a workshop evening  7 Images in 7 days and on March16th  David Bibby presents My Way with Audio Visual.

Now , a date (s) for your diary. Our first exhibition for 2022 takes place from April 9th through May 7th. Do come along and take the weight off your feet and possibly have a drink and a light snack, you will be most welcome. The opening times are on the Arts Centre website. The prints and images on display are submitted by members on an anything you want to show  basis.  Our exhibition in September will display prints and images which have been awarded a place ie. 1st/2cnd /3rd  ..Highly Commended/Commended.

Finally , as we break into spring,  keep those shutters pressed.

                                                                                                                                                                         MAURICE  BARKER


January 2022 News

First of all, I should like to apologise for parts of my report in the January edition. Two of the events turned out to be incorrect due to the report having to be sent in by Dec. 6th and these events cancelled due to  the recent covid instruction. One presenter was covid positive but one of our Chairmen stood in at the last minute to present a very interesting evening on one of his travels to the Central Americas. Thank you Lewis.

On the first meeting of the new year, we were entertained by Lee Metcalf on  Photographing the North West for FotoVue . FotoVue is a company which publishes books on photography for photographers on different areas of the UK and other parts of the world. These are excellent books either for the beginner for ideas and the more advanced of us. I bought one , the latest edition of the Lake District, and wished it had been available years ago. Look them up online.

Following this, we had the 3rd. of our competitions Creatures and Plants of the World . The judge for this was Harry Emmett via ZOOM and the places awarded were shared between some of our newer members as well as our regular competitors. The results will be put on our website alongside the winners of previous competitions from ’21-’22. Well worth a visit !

February brings us three meetings although the content of the third one is as yet to be decided. Feb. 2nd is the judging of our Humanity Comp. by Jim Cunningham and on Feb. 9th  Scottish Wildlife will be presented by Jeremy Malley-Smith , this will be available via ZOOM.  I give advance notice of the judging of our final competition  Anything Goes ( and it usually does ), this is on March 2nd.

Finally, the weather as I write this has been quite mild in the daytime in recent weeks so this maybe augurs well for this new year…………so, to newcomers and the “old brigade” keep pressing that shutter button.


December 2021 News

A warm welcome to everyone and can we wish you  A Happy (and better ) New Year.  Where has the time gone ?  Reading this, we will hopefully have had all our Christmas Festivities which we were allowed having written this on Dec. 5th. I hope we all got what we deserved !

In December, we began with our competition which was Environment. The judge was Daryl Giles who gave us a good insight as to why the prints and images on display just failed to get into the prize section. We can learn from these critiques to benefit our future entries. On Dec. 8th. we were treated to Lake District Moods by Carmen Norman. ( you can view the competition results by logging on to our website)

The Christmas Social was held on Dec. 14th which took the form of a meal along with the usual quiz, Our thanks to all who were involved in the organizing, well done, it is always very much appreciated.

I give details of our programme for January.   Jan 5th is  Photographing the North West by  Lee Metcalfe,    Jan 12th  Our third competition  Creatures of the World  judged by  Harry Emmett.  Jan 19th  the Junction 36 Battle  and workshop 7 photographs in 7 days.   I can also give advanced notice of the Humanity competition on Feb.2cnd.  which will be judged by Jim Cunningham.

I am hopeful that with the invasion of this new strain of the virus, we will still be able to continue with what has been an excellent start of our ‘21/’22 programme, unfortunately, I failed to find a crystal ball in my stocking ! 

Maurice  Barker.

November 2021 News

Well, here we are at the end of yet another year of restrictions, but the main thing is that we ARE still here.

November’s meetings gave us an excellent presentation on Urban/Street Photography, our Events Competition, and an interesting night on Sport and Action.

In December, we have the second of our annual competitions entitled The Environment followed by Carmen Norman’s  Lake District Moods ( on ZOOM ). How fortunate we are to be so close to the Jewel in the Crown. We also look forward to our Christmas Social on Dec. 14th.  An early prompt for Jan 5th is Lee Metcalfe on  Photographing the North West for Fotovue.

Coming Hot off the Press is the news that our club is to “join up” with another in Rangiora, on the South Island in New Zealand. Rangiora is a large town just north of Christchurch. This venture is still at the foundation stage and is the result of some diligent work of our Chairmen and augurs well for the future of the two clubs even though we meet at diametrically opposite times of the day. Well done gentlemen. I can just see the name Garstang International Camera Club appearing at some stage……….well maybe!

Just because the nights have drawn in and the days shortened, don’t put the cameras away, there are  still plenty of opportunities for some good shots.

And a reminder not to forget to hang up your stockings on the 24th. I measured up the boxed new Canon R3 and will have to substitute a pillow case in anticipation !

Finally, can I , on behalf of all our members wish everyone who reads this magazine  Season’s Greetings, everything in moderation !

Maurice  Barker.

October 2021 News

Hello, and welcome to our readers. We are slowly leaving summer behind but every cloud has it’s silver lining. The autumn in our part of the globe gives us a spectacle of colours with local woods, fells and even tree lined roads all changing their different shades over the next month or so, and of course our jewel in the crown, the Lake District. Having had a camera in my hand since the age of 9 ( 70 years ago !) , the advent of colour photography, in the early ‘50s, for the masses, had a significant effect on me. Until then, monochrome images had to be hand tinted by someone skilled in this art, but even then, never quite achieved the desired effect.

There remains only one outing in our Summer Programme which takes place on Tuesday,  October 12th 10am onwards, the venues are Rufford Old Hall and Martin Mere. Any newcomers are welcome at this outing.

We began our new year on Sept. 1st at the Arts Centre with a successful meeting and number of potential new members , welcome to the club.  It is never too late to join us. Come along and join us. We meet on the first three Wednesdays each month at 7.30. We ask £5 for admission which includes tea and biscuits which is deleted from the membership fee of £48, should you wish to continue.

Our calendar for October is as follows :

Oct. 6th.      Adrian Lines on     Monochrome Is Not a Filter.

Oct. 13th.    Stu.  McKenzie (available by Zoom)    Journey.

Oct. 20th.   Workshop……Monochrome Photography.  (participation by members on Monochrome Photography and processing.)

And finally, I give notice of our first Coffee Morning on Sat. Oct. 9th. between 10am – 12.30pm. Come along either solo or bring friends / family. All proceeds to the club. This will be followed in the afternoon by a local visit down to the River Wyre to practice photo opportunities, Wildlife/long exposure sports photography etc. Bring your camera… pressure ! Everyone welcome.

As the Warner Bros. Cartoons say at the end…….That’s All Folks !


September 2021 News

Hello and welcome to our latest report.  The club’s summer season is now drawing to it’s close with only two outings remaining ie.

Saturday  Sept. 18th  Silverdale and Arnside.

Tuesday   Oct. 12th    Rufford Old Hall and Martin Mere.

Our recent outing was to Heysham, with mixed conditions, mainly cloud and the odd shower. Testing conditions for making good images !

We were also in attendance at the Garstang Show. Did you manage to see us ? We were kept dry since we shared the Horticulural Tent and quite a bit of interest was shown. Our thanks go to the Garstang Show Committee for allotting us the space.

Our ’21-’22 season starts with our first meeting on Sept.1st in the Arts Centre. For newcomers, we have quite a comprehensive evening with the following features :

A brief analysis of our website,our competitions and a potted history of the Club.  A camera presentation on the use of filters and long exposures ( might I add, not just for newcomers but many members too ! )  A fine buffet,  along with where our membership fees disappear to and how this year will develop (pun !)

The joining fee is £48 but for a taster and any subsequent meetings, we ask for an entrance fee of £5 which will be deducted from the membership fee if you decide to join. Our aim is to provide a safe gathering for all with as much social distancing as can be allowed for with adequate ventilation,

Finally, I wish to thank the Club’s Chairmen and their Committee for steering us through what I believe has been a successful year in spite of the present conditions.


July 2021 News

Hello to everyone, camera enthusiasts or otherwise. If we were dining out, we would be between courses, having a little respite. Our ’20-’21 programme has now come to an end and we now await the new season which will start on September 1st.

On reflection, the past year has been as good as was possible given the situation ( I refuse to use the word covid, it has become too much a part of everyone’s vocabulary ,  All meetings were by ZOOM and therefore we could access presenters from nationwide locations. Our thanks go to our Programme Sec. John Moxham for making some excellent choices.

By the time this article is in print, we will have four of our summer outings remaining, which are:

Fri.     July 16th.     Brockholes.              8am onwards.

Wed.  Aug. 11th.   Heysham.               6pm.

Sat.    Sept. 18th.   Silverdale/Arnside  8am. Onwards.

Tues. Oct 12th.  Rufford Old hall/Martin Mere.  10am onwards.

We were very lucky for our first visit to Glasson, clear blue skies and warm too ! Not so with our second to Calder Vale, a damp afternoon, although I must add that my late appearance was accompanied with sunshine and a colourful sky.

If the Garstang Show does take place this year on August 7th. the Club will have a stall in the Horticultural Marquee with the aim of attracting some new members.

I must end this article on a sad note.  I have to inform readers and club members past and present of the passing of one of our popular members, Bill Hansell.

Bill had been a member for a number of years and was an excellent and successful photographer, his name engraved on many of our trophies. He was always willing to give of his time and experience to those lesser mortals in the club.    He would always be amongst the friendly jousting bouts between members and their specific marques of equipment, Nikon v Canon v Sony etc. but as most will agree, it’s not the camera but the person behind it !

His most recent award was that of holding  PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR  2020-2021. Skills indeed.    I have attached one of Bill’s images, a favourite of mine. He leaves behind his wife Pat and his Family and we offer them our most sincere condolences at this sad time. R.I.P. Bill.