• May 2022 News

    16th May 2022 by

    Hello to everyone. By the time you read this , our ’21-’22 season will have come to an end and on reflection , it has been quite successful. Although we lost a few members, their spaces have been filled with new members and to those , we bid a warm welcome and hope that they… Read more

  • April 2022 News

    16th May 2022 by

    I have to announce the sad news that one of our long standing members, Ken Harrison has passed away. Ken was a life member of our club with a long service record of working on the committee, acting as treasurer and club chairman. Ken was a keen wildlife photographer who travelled extensively to follow his… Read more

  • March 2022 News

    9th Mar 2022 by

    Hello to all our readers. We have now only two months remaining of our 2021/2022 programme, where has the time gone ?  Our last competition of the session, Anything Goes, was judged on March 2nd, and so we now have a list of all winners for the year, these can be found on our website,… Read more

  • February 2022 News

    10th Feb 2022 by

    After a somewhat dry start to the year, the weather is now balancing it’s books. Many rainy days of recent have not been conducive to getting out with our cameras, however…….the old adage of “no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing “ holds good. We began the month with Jim Cunningham judging our… Read more

  • January 2022 News

    15th Jan 2022 by

    First of all, I should like to apologise for parts of my report in the January edition. Two of the events turned out to be incorrect due to the report having to be sent in by Dec. 6th and these events cancelled due to  the recent covid instruction. One presenter was covid positive but one… Read more

  • December 2021 News

    6th Dec 2021 by

    A warm welcome to everyone and can we wish you  A Happy (and better ) New Year.  Where has the time gone ?  Reading this, we will hopefully have had all our Christmas Festivities which we were allowed having written this on Dec. 5th. I hope we all got what we deserved ! In December,… Read more

  • November 2021 News

    12th Nov 2021 by

    Well, here we are at the end of yet another year of restrictions, but the main thing is that we ARE still here. November’s meetings gave us an excellent presentation on Urban/Street Photography, our Events Competition, and an interesting night on Sport and Action. In December, we have the second of our annual competitions entitled… Read more

  • October 2021 News

    13th Sep 2021 by

    Hello, and welcome to our readers. We are slowly leaving summer behind but every cloud has it’s silver lining. The autumn in our part of the globe gives us a spectacle of colours with local woods, fells and even tree lined roads all changing their different shades over the next month or so, and of… Read more

  • September 2021 News

    16th Aug 2021 by

    Hello and welcome to our latest report.  The club’s summer season is now drawing to it’s close with only two outings remaining ie. Saturday  Sept. 18th  Silverdale and Arnside. Tuesday   Oct. 12th    Rufford Old Hall and Martin Mere. Our recent outing was to Heysham, with mixed conditions, mainly cloud and the odd shower. Testing conditions… Read more

  • July 2021 News

    16th Aug 2021 by

    Hello to everyone, camera enthusiasts or otherwise. If we were dining out, we would be between courses, having a little respite. Our ’20-’21 programme has now come to an end and we now await the new season which will start on September 1st. On reflection, the past year has been as good as was possible… Read more

  • June 2021 News

    25th May 2021 by

    Hello readers. As you read this, the club’s ’20-’21 programme will have come to an end but we still continue with our social outings  with, of course, social distancing a priority. We have had two outings in recent months, the first to Glasson Dock and it’s environs and the last one visiting Caldervale at bluebell… Read more

  • May 2021 News

    13th Apr 2021 by

    Greetings to all readers. By the time this is being read( hopefully ), we will be in the Merry Month of May and if all of Boris’ plans go to order , alcoholic drinks may be served outdoors and, if the weather permits, then it may well be a Merry Month ! We are approaching… Read more

  • April 2021 News

    16th Mar 2021 by

    Hello to everyone, here we are in yet another April still under lock and key, or, as Sinatra sang “The second Time Around “.  We should be much more savvy than last year having experienced many of the restrictions, although there are still many amongst us who in the words of Kenneth Wolstenholme “they think… Read more

  • March 2021 News

    16th Feb 2021 by

    Hello to all camera enthusiasts and others wishing to improve their skills. Since I last wrote we have had two excellent presentations. One by Dave Bibby who talked on A-Z Back to basics. It’s quite easy to forget early lessons in photography as we advance ( or maybe that’s just me ). He is quite… Read more

  • February 2021 News

    26th Jan 2021 by

    Hello to all and welcome to our Club’s New Year. We thought it would be greeted with a degree of optimism and so it might. But we still have a disturbing few months ahead of us before we arrive at a new normal.  Right ….that’s the bile out of the way. We are already into… Read more

  • January 2021 News

    9th Dec 2020 by

    Our programme for January is as follows: Jan. 6th.      Members of the club will be demonstrating  “the processing of a digital image “ This will involve the use of software such as Lightroom and Photoshop.  Sounds interesting ! Jan. 13th.    Tonight sees the judging of one of our annual competitions  “ Creatures of the World “ Jan. 29th.    Tonight,… Read more

  • August 2020 News

    14th Aug 2020 by

    Hello to everyone. Here we are nearly at the start of a new season for the club and we are still basically in a “lockdown situation” What this means to us is that we cannot meet at our usual venue, the Arts Centre, nor in any other due to restrictions re. using our normal equipment,… Read more

  • July 2020 News

    8th Jul 2020 by

    Since lockdown at the end of March, the club has managed to tick over involving it’s membership. The joint Chair, Lewis Thompson and Mike Jenner organized a series of six internal competitions, the first four of which the images entered had to be taken within the confines of the photographer’s property. The last two, with… Read more

  • June 2020 News

    12th Jun 2020 by

    Although we have had no meetings whatsoever since March, the Club, in it’s  present metamorphic state, continues to keep it’s members busy albeit in an online capacity.  Our joint Chairmen have worked very hard in producing 6 competitions over the past few months and at this point in time we are just beginning no. 5 … Read more

  • May 2020 News

    12th May 2020 by

    As this is being prepared for submission, we are in the 8th week of the lockout. Many rolls of films could have been unwound since March 23rd. The club in it’s normal format has been temporarily closed down but continues to function on line. Our Chairman for the past few years, Peter Knight, has resigned,… Read more

  • May 2020 – Lockdown Competitions

    2nd May 2020 by

    There will be a series of fun photographic competitions set over the next 3 months based on different themes. We envisage there will be about 6 themes over the course of April, May and June, finishing in July. You never know we may be let out by then! Each theme will last for 2 weeks… Read more

  • March 2020 – Remaining 2019/20 season CANCELLED

    18th Mar 2020 by

    The joint acting chair have agreed to cancel the rest of our photographic season and our regular summer outings for the Event Cup. This difficult and sad decision has been taken against the backdrop of the latest government advice around limiting socialising with others as well as protecting the health and wellbeing of members, some… Read more

  • September 2019 News

    27th Aug 2019 by

    GARSTANG CAMERA CLUB OPEN EVENING AND BEGINNERS NIGHT The Camera Club Winter Season starts on Wednesday 4th September and will be an Open Evening. Anyone who is interested in photography is welcome. The evening is free and includes light refreshments. We will have talks about photography aimed at both beginners and experienced photographers. Knowledgeable members… Read more

  • 2019-20 Winter Programme

    20th Jul 2019 by


  • 2019 Events Cup

    20th Jul 2019 by

    Venue No 1 Kirkby Lonsdale Date 17th May Co-ordinator Sheena Ball Email: sheenaball@aol.com Mob: 07540848870 This is a full day outing and there are no time restrictions on the visit. Therefore, there will not be a designated meeting time, but anyone requiring transport should notify Sheena 48 hours before the date. Photographs taken in the… Read more

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