March 2021 News

Hello to all camera enthusiasts and others wishing to improve their skills. Since I last wrote we have had two excellent presentations. One by Dave Bibby who talked on A-Z Back to basics. It’s quite easy to forget early lessons in photography as we advance ( or maybe that’s just me ). He is quite an established photographer but has started to shoot many of his images on his smart ‘phone so anyone out there without an array of kit, this is a good opening.   Roger Geldard gave us a trip around Japan’s Winter Wildlife, funny, but I never thought of Japan having deer , monkeys and eagles in such climatic conditions, still it is quite close to Vladivostok. He introduced most members to some excellent Sony cameras too.

Our programme fo March is as follows :

March  3rd………..Judging of our internal competition  “Anything Goes” , who knows what to expect ?

..     ..  10th……….Mike Martin on   It’s not what you see , it’s what you make .

..     ..  17th……….Lee Sutton on     My Photographic Journey..

Lockdown has prevented us from getting out and about with our gear but as I write this, there are “rumours” that this may end sooner than I expected  according to the press ( I don’t know why they are not in the House of Commons !). Anyway , what will be will be. It may be that we can meet in the Arts Centre for next years session, who knows ?

Keep on keeping safe, no matter what the outcome is. 

                                                           Maurice  Barker.