April 2021 News

Hello to everyone, here we are in yet another April still under lock and key, or, as Sinatra sang “The second Time Around “.  We should be much more savvy than last year having experienced many of the restrictions, although there are still many amongst us who in the words of Kenneth Wolstenholme “they think it’s all over”.  There may be a possibility of our home venue re-opening in September, but all information given here is not incised onto stone tablets and for that, I must apologise! All we can be is optimistic and hope that things go well.

Any specific details regarding dates and venues can be checked nearer to the date by using the website and the contacts given within.

We had our final competition, ANYTHING GOES, in early March with an excellent range of images as per. the title.  Our Chairmen have done a stalwart job in keeping members busy throughout this past year with our own MCC, no not at Lords, but the Monthly Club Comp. and by the time this goes to press, the final one will have been completed. I have found these very inspirational and a “look forward” to the voting and compilation of the results each month. Thanks gents!

Our next Annual Competition will be the EVENTS CUP. This will be judged on Nov. 11th and to enter, members must have attended any or all of our summer visits from April 24th – Oct 12th. Only images taken on these events on the dates specified may be entered for the Cup. I now give details of these “outings” which are as much as a social event, something much needed as long as we take care, as well as an opportunity to put our photographic skills back into use, I’m sure that some of mine have suffered from an amount of rust! There are seven such outings as follows: –

April 24th.     Saturday    3pm   Glasson Dock / Condor Green.

May.  6th.      Thursday     2pm.  Calder Vale.

June 16th      Wednesday 2pm   Rivington Pike / Gardens.

July   16th.     Friday         8am   Brockholes.

August 11th.   Wednesday 6pm.  Heysham.

September. 18th.  Saturday 8am.  Silverdale/ Arnside.    The two early starters may be joined at any time, no need for a full day!

At this stage I would like to wish everyone in the coming weeks and months, a safe and a successful release from jail!