October 2021 News

Hello, and welcome to our readers. We are slowly leaving summer behind but every cloud has it’s silver lining. The autumn in our part of the globe gives us a spectacle of colours with local woods, fells and even tree lined roads all changing their different shades over the next month or so, and of course our jewel in the crown, the Lake District. Having had a camera in my hand since the age of 9 ( 70 years ago !) , the advent of colour photography, in the early ‘50s, for the masses, had a significant effect on me. Until then, monochrome images had to be hand tinted by someone skilled in this art, but even then, never quite achieved the desired effect.

There remains only one outing in our Summer Programme which takes place on Tuesday,  October 12th 10am onwards, the venues are Rufford Old Hall and Martin Mere. Any newcomers are welcome at this outing.

We began our new year on Sept. 1st at the Arts Centre with a successful meeting and number of potential new members , welcome to the club.  It is never too late to join us. Come along and join us. We meet on the first three Wednesdays each month at 7.30. We ask £5 for admission which includes tea and biscuits which is deleted from the membership fee of £48, should you wish to continue.

Our calendar for October is as follows :

Oct. 6th.      Adrian Lines on     Monochrome Is Not a Filter.

Oct. 13th.    Stu.  McKenzie (available by Zoom)    Journey.

Oct. 20th.   Workshop……Monochrome Photography.  (participation by members on Monochrome Photography and processing.)

And finally, I give notice of our first Coffee Morning on Sat. Oct. 9th. between 10am – 12.30pm. Come along either solo or bring friends / family. All proceeds to the club. This will be followed in the afternoon by a local visit down to the River Wyre to practice photo opportunities, Wildlife/long exposure sports photography etc. Bring your camera…..no pressure ! Everyone welcome.

As the Warner Bros. Cartoons say at the end…….That’s All Folks !