August 2022 News

Hello to everyone, club members and general readers as well.  As I write this we are in the middle of the type of summer I well remember as a child ( or is it a wishful memory ? ) long, sunny ,dry periods of late night sunsets giving superb opportunities for camera folk.

Even though we are in the Club’s closed season, we have held a number of members nights over the past two months. We have used Garstang as our focal point. The River Wyre gave us our first hour’s outing following a Canoe Club session from the weir down to the car park even practicing eskimo rolls. Our second gave us old pictures of Garstang and we had to first, find the feature and then try to replicate it in 2022. Finally, Stan ley Pearson showed us the art of panning ( not for gold nuggets) but on moving objects, which would be projected at the next meeting. These “members evenings “ are proving very interesting indeed………….so, when other organisations grind to a halt between May to September,  we beaver on!

Our first meeting of our new season, will be on Wed. Sept 7th at 7.30 in the Arts Centre. and so if you have a modicum of interest in cameras and taking photographs, come and give us a “coat of looking at“. We are a most friendly group and there is no need to commit yourself to membership . A £5 fee per visit(s) is required which will be deducted from the annual fee should you wish to join us OR, come along and visit our stall at the Garstang Show on August 6th.

May I wish you good shooting and a good rest of the summer.

Maurice  Barker